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Phone Calls

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Add information about your SKUs. (i.e. the thing you are selling.)

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Tell us about where and how many of the products you will move to our warehouses. Pay this to lock in your rates!

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Write where your products are going (if you know). Don’t worry, this is paid after your products are in our warehouses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the fees and when are they due?

Move-in: The Move-in fee is paid at least two weeks before the items are picked up from your manufacturer(s).
Move-out: The Move-out fee is paid as they come in from your e-commerce store through our API or form.
Storage Fee: The Storage fee is prorated at $20 per pallet per month if any products are not sold after the first month.

How quickly can an order be sent out the door?
Any orders received before 5pm central time (6pm EST) will be sent out the same day. All other orders will be sent out the following business day.
Do you provide insurance?
Each customer gets $2 million worth of insurance to cover the unexpected. Exact coverage is in the signed contract.
Where will my product be stored? Can I tour the facility?
Your product may not be permanently stored in one single fulfillment center forever. As your volume and customer base grows in different directions, we may move and split your inventory to other fulfillment centers when it reduces costs at the same quality. You will always be able to know exactly where your products at any time. You can absolutely tour the facility chosen for your product!
What is the minimum stock and volume required?
There is no minimum stock or volumes. There is also no long-term contracts. You can cancel at any time.
How are mistakes handled?
Our accuracy rate is currently 99.86%. We never charge for orders sent at the error of our facility.

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About Shotput

We got our start in 2012 building shipping and inventory management software for warehouses in the South East. After successfully shipping millions of products, we decided to simplify warehousing for everyone. Instead of taking weeks to get inaccurate quotes or requiring logistics experts to manage, we created the ability to manage and purchase everything in less than 30 minutes.
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